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December, 2008
Spectrometer DOAS-M1 and LSA-2c (2-waves Lidar) are run into operation for Surgut University, HMA, Russia
March, 2008
Smoke analyzer LSA-2c (2-waves Lidar) is run into operation at I.Kant State University of Russia, Kaliningrad, Russia
March, 2008
Spectrometer DOAS-M1 and Smoke analyzer LSA-2c (2-waves Lidar) are run into operation for Space Dynamics Lab. Utah State University, USA
February 2008
Spectrometer DOAS-M1 is delivered to Grodno for Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno, Belorussia
December 2007
Spectrometer DOAS-M1 is delivered to Tatarstan for Nizhnekamsk tyre factory, Russia
March 2006
Development of three channel lidar, combining of two wavelength (1064, 532 nm ) and polarization (532 parallel and 532 perpendicular) sensing
January 2006
New methodology and software for two wavelength lidar. For the first time the possibility of determination of PM2.5 and PM10. Program for control of measurements provides continuous measurements and result presentation.

March 2005

Enhanced 2-channel lidar LSA-2c   exported to Romania (INOE, Bucharest). 

February 2005

At the Fifth Moscow International Exhibition of Innovations and Investments our project “DOAS-M1: the UV Open Path Gas Analyzer” was awarded with the silver medal and the diploma of the All-Russia Exhibition Centre.

November 2004

Coproduction of DOAS-M1 gas analyzers began with a company in China.

September 2004

In cooperation with employees of Belgorod university the control run of measurements of cement works emissions near Belgorod by the multiwavelength lidar MWL-60 was completed.

June 2004

The project « Development, manufacture and sale of open path Gas analyzers of high accuracy ¿ has reached the final of Competition of Russian Innovations in Moscow.

March 2004

Company experts installed LSA-2c on Tenerife, Canary islands Spain, for monitoring dust clouds above the island.

We design and implement instruments based on the Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy (DOAS) .


Our area of expertise is LIDARs for atmospheric aerosol, ozone, and water vapour laser sensing, forest fire detection.

We also offer optical elements, electronics .
optical part

Our area of scientific exploration is determination of the atmospheric trace gases and aerosol by optical methods.

Our company provides equipment installation , putting it into operation, personnel training. >>more...

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